Indonesia Food is so UniqueHalal

Yummy chicken mixed with unique Balinese spices makes you feel like you are in the island of God The unique flavor of chicken curry in lemper has now been created for curry lover. This will blown you away. Tasty sticky rice sprinkled with our signature grated coconut. Tender tuna mixed with Indonesian traditional spices and a bit of chilli creates tasty Tuna Rica lemper. For those who love spicy, this will bite your tongue! The perfect combination of mince chicken, traditional spices, and sweet soy sauce is truly yummy. Luscious Sticky rice filled with mince chicken wrapped in banana leave seasoned with special spices makes you crave for more.
  • Ayam Bumbu Bali
  • Curry Chicken Lemper
  • Sticky Rice with Serundeng
  • Tuna Rica Lemper
  • Spicy Chicken Lemper
  • Sweet Soy Sauce Chicken Lemper
  • Original Chicken Lemper